I will be showing new ceramic sculptures and lino cut block prints at the Mothers Market Gallery at the Brewery Artwalk, happening on October 21 and 22, 11:00am to 6:00pm both days.  My work will be shown alongside some amazing artists: Ashira Siegel, Sarah Supermith Bulock, and Alia Ollikainen Joslin.

   You can find Mothers Market Gallery in the same building as the rental office, off of Moulton Avenue. (Check out the gallery map below.) 


The address is: 

   670 Moulton Avenue, #2, Los Angeles, CA 90031



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Progress Gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony presents:

"Peak and Ground of Creativity" 

OPENING RECEPTION: Sept. 9th, 5-10 pm

EXHIBITION DATES: Sept. 9th - Sept. 30th

REGULAR HOURS: Thurs. - Sat., 3-6 pm

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Ann Phong
Conchi Sanford
Dakota Noot
Eileen Li
Felix de Quesada
Jacqueline Bell Johnson
Jeff Iorillo
Ken Salter
Khang Bao Nguyen
Hung Viet Nguyen
Linda Jo Russell
Lynn Torrini 
Madelon Wheeler-Gibb
Mary Dessert
Patrick Quinn

Organized by Khang Bao Nguyen 


Creative expression freed from pragmatic concerns and strict realism does not become arbitrary or meaningless ornamentation. On the contrary, artistic vision unencumbered by surface interpretation reflects an undertaking to penetrate the limitations of conceptual perception such that more foundational and holistic layers of reality can be examined, embodied, and expressed. This freedom of creative expression seeks to find new forms of visual language that can more authentically communicate existential, metaphysical, and spiritual insights without restriction to narrative and literal representation.

From a nondual perspective, what abides underneath surface perception is neither a disconnected nor sterile emptiness but rather can be recognized to be an inseparable ground of creativity from which new forms of awareness, existence, and expression can arise.

The visual artists in this exhibit, coming from different backgrounds, present their own unique visions of heightened consciousness that encompasses yet is not reducible to the limitations of subjective experience. Through their creative expressions, they aspire to question the known and familiar in conceptual perception in order to spark a spontaneous opening of the mind, thus making accessible an extended range of consciousness, existence and meaning.

Progress Gallery is a non-profit organization in the Pomona Arts Colony and is located in the basement of a 1931 Art Deco building.

300 S. Thomas St.,
Pomona, CA
REGULAR HOURS: Thurs. - Sat., 3-6 pm



Man Made

opening Saturday, March 18th from 6-9

Runs through May 6th




HOURS | MON - THU 10AM - 8PM  |  FRI - SUN 10AM - 5PM 


BRAND Library and Art Center Website






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As They Are As They Are By Jacqueline Bell Johnson | Book Preview Photo book