Drawing Correspondence (with Betsy Lohrer Hall) by Jacqueline Bell Johnson

Correspondence (with Betsy Lohrer Hall)


Betsy and I started with conversation.  I wanted to work with Betsy because I knew it would be an opportunity to get to know her better, something I was immensely looking forward to.  We met up at Claremont and took notes and sketched as we talked.  We knew our time to work side-by-side would be limited due to our other obligations, so we decided to converse through the mail.  Throughout the spring and summer, we exchanged letters, packages, small bits of paper and other remnants of our respective studios.  I tried to find ways to connect those small things together physically and would mail them back.  Some imagery and emerged as well as a growing collective aesthetic.  We built our installation in the gallery space, using it as our collaborative studio. The piece is a culminating project of where we are in this conversation and reflects on the imagery and topics of our correspondence.

 The final installation was in shown at the Progress Gallery in Pomona, CA for 50/50: The Creative Magic of Collaboration in Aug 2018