Acrylic painting dragon scales 17 by Jacqueline Bell Johnson

dragon scales 17

Dragon Scales 17

Artists’ acrylic, salvaged pallet strapping, glitter, wood, mdf.

16 in x 16 in x 2 in


About the Dragon Scales Artifact Series

Many of my pieces are monumental (ie. large scale) installation and sculpture.  Built for an exhibition, they typically do not exist once the show has ended, and often dismantled as well.  I have started making “artifacts” of those works using materials salvaged from the original installation.  The artifacts serve as a reference to the original, further exploring the potential of the materials, in addition to being eco-conscious through reuse/recycling of the the originals’ remnants.

Dragon Scales is one such series, utilizing pallet strapping salvaged from Dragon 2.  

$275.00 USD