Print Eco Printed Silk Scarf 051 by Jacqueline Bell Johnson

Eco Printed Silk Scarf 051

These habotai silk scarves are eco-printed using flora gathered from my garden (and some from my walks).  The plant leaves, stems, and petals are placed on the silk and then tightly bound and steamed.  The plants leave permanent imprints on the scarves.

Each scarf is unique, and most go through two printings.  This scarf was printed with oregano stems and leaves (the really olive and orange/brown color), sycamore leaves (sienna brown) morning glory flowers (yellow and faint hints of green and purple), and elm (gray/black).  The silk itself is dark ivory in color.

Eco-Printed Habotai Silk Scarf

21 x 21 inches square


$25.00 USD