(en)Gendered (in)Equality Gallery Tally Poster Project by Jacqueline Bell Johnson

(en)Gendered (in)Equality Gallery Tally Poster Project

Collaborative project spearheaded by Micol Hebron based on a spreadsheet created by Hebron and Andrea Bowers stating the numbers and percentages of men and women represented in galleries in the Los Angeles area.  Artists were invited by Hebron to create "data visualization" via 24 x 36 inch poster representing one gallery and their statistics.

My poster is for George Billis Gallery in Culver City.  They are almost even, in favor of men.  My poster is almost even (slightly off center) in favor of blue in the background and purple in the foreground.

2014.  This piece, as with all of the posters in the project has been in numerous exhibitions, slideshows, presentations, video projections, etc. around the world.