Acrylic painting Light Angles #1 by Jacqueline Bell Johnson

Light Angles #1

The Image, Captured is a new body of work which considers my act of taking pictures part of a larger tradition of artists as collectors. Collecting beauty, collecting supplies, collecting books (dare I say collecting knowledge and history), collecting art (human made or otherwise) is a part of many artists’ practice.

My images live in digital space on a computer, viewed through a screen. Even when I share my images, its mostly through Instagram or facebook. The collection lives in a virtual folder on my hard drive. I wanted to take the files and make them physical; giving the work life as a collectible, if you will. Each image has been made into a transparent print, then hand painted, layered in sheets of mylar, placed in a display case frame, and is signed and numbered.

Light Angles #1 (out of 5), 2021.

Vinyl, Artist's Acrylic, mylar, display frame.

7.5 x 7.5 x 1 inch


includes feet for free standing display. signed on top of frame.

$50.00 USD