LightWave by Jacqueline Bell Johnson


LightWave, 2019  (shown lit)

Wood, Found Glass Sconces, Sound sensors, LEDs, circuitry/electrical components.
Each stand is 3ft H x 1ft W x 2 ft D

There are 4 stands shown in this image.

There are 20 total. 

This piece is sound sensitive, lighting up when it hears sound.  A microphone is placed inside each of the glass scones, which distort and magnify what the sensors "hear."  The lights within each scone jump on, and then cascade off during the silence in between sounds. 

Shown here at Angel's Gate Cultural Center, during the SOUNDPedro sound art festival.

The concept for this piece was is to validate the viewer, making the viewer necessary to view the piece, especially when placed in an unlit space. However, having the piece outside at SOUNDPedro transformed it into a synesthesia: making ambient sounds (including the wind) visible through light.